Inhabitants – photography exhibition



‘Inhabitants’ is a collective photography exhibition of three international photographers – Jiye Kim, Venelina Preininger and Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko – who bring the ideas of people, emotions and human connections to the centre stage of their work.

The term ‘inhabitants’ is taken beyond the simple meaning of people living in a place. Inhabitants are also the people we share our lives with one way or another, the moments that inhabit us, and keep living in our minds and bodies long after they occurred. Inhabitants are at times the emotions, hopes, dreams and desires we live today, tomorrow… for a day, for a week and often for much longer stretches of time.

The three photographers come from different cultural and aesthetic backgrounds, each of them bringing a distinctive visual language and style to the exhibition.

The photographs in the exhibition were captured in 2016 across Europe, North America and Japan.

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