24h LOS ANGELES, not a book about L.A.

Karl Hab

24h LOS ANGELES is not a book about L.A. Forget about Hollywood and let your mind fly over the beauty of this city, showed from many angles through the “snake eyes” of young photographer Karl Hab (from Paris). He wanted to share his love and admiration for this urban landscape. So, after many trips and during various experiences in the City of Angels, he has captured and gather in 196 pages (corresponding to hours from morning to evening) a particular and rare essence from different point of views, especially using aerial photos.

* Note: After the book launch and installation at colette’s in Paris, there is an exhibition from April 21st to May 8th (2016) at HVW8 Gallery, Los Angeles. | 24hlosangeles.com | Karl Hab


The Book:

The photos are organized by chronological order – starting with the beginning of the day and its cold tones to its end with the warm ones – showing the city through many angles and many shades. The book is about a single vision, a unique feeling of a city which changes every day. This is why Karl’s photos reflect the sensitivity of the light, the colorimetry of the landscapes and topic he holds dear like colors, planes, cars.

The introduction of the book has been written by the New York based artist Daniel Arsham. There is no page numbers (196), but hours corresponding to these times: morning, noon, afternoon and evening. You’ll also find GPS coordinates that represents the captions of few pictures in the book.



“This project has been in the pipeline for a few years now. In 2012, I wanted it to be about a trip to the US between Arizona, Nevada, California and New York but that was too broad. There was no thread that connected those trips. That’s when I decided to focus on a city I know well and which has always impressed me due to its light, atmosphere, beaches, roads, buzz and citizens.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to go on a helicopter ride above the city and that’s when I thought I had to do a piece on Los Angeles only. I managed to collect enough photos to offer an accurate portrait of the city’s beauty. It’s a rare, non touristy take on L.A., without the standard Hollywood crap.” 

Karl explains the pictures of this book has been taken during different years and periods in Los Angeles but the result is his one and unique vision of the city: it’s the beauty of the City of Angels as it is in the eye of the beholder, young Paris based photographer and globetrotter Karl Hab.



24hlosangeles.com | Karl Hab

The Artist:

Karl Hab is a photographer and aeronautical engineer born (in 1990) in Paris. All started in Hong Kong (2004) “where I took pictures with my digital camera.” – he says – “After that trip, I never stopped taking pictures. My grandfather was a photographer but he never really learned or showed me the ropes. Then started taking pictures in Paris during launch events and exhibition openings.” In the French capital he captures local street fashion, underground music scene, eclectic’s landscapes, and everything that stops his “Snake Eyes”. His images show life as it happens, from late nights to early mornings, and soon he starts working for important international magazines. As real globetrotter, he explores many cities from London to Hong Kong… And he fell in love with Los Angeles, the city where he has set his first art book entitled “24H Los Angeles” (March 2016). Just few months before, he had launched his first zine “Window Seat Please” for fly and sky lovers (like him). Curious? Read about:

Window Seat Please: 10 years of flights and photos around the world

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