The Daily Life Of Gods

Alexey Kondakov

KYIV Recently, at Port Creative Hub, there was his first solo exhibition. If you missed it, probably because you don’t live in Ukraine, you can always see his works on Instagram or Facebook. Indeed, the web – from CNN to Saatchi Gallery – has been sharing art director Alexey Kondakov‘s photo(shop)s since last year (2015).

The Daily Life Of Gods is the title of his ongoing series: he takes scenes and figures from famous paintings by masters and drops them into modern-day life, into locations (streets, public transports, back yards, bars, etc.) of his hometown (Kiev), featuring images such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s “Nymphs and Satyr”, Cesar van Everdingen’s “Bacchus”, Raphael’s “Madonna of the Goldfinch” and “The Kiss” by Francesco Hayez. The Ukrainian artist imagines how these celestial figures would look like on the bus or in the market and he shows us his visions through Photoshop. They somehow look like they belong to that instant, their expressions and demeanours perfectly match with the urban contests he photographs.

Alexey Kondakov asked himself: “What if I invite those [gods] into our modern reality and imagine them on the streets of my city?”. The answer was this curious project. Here a gallery with our selection… have fun!

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