13 signs you’ve lived in NYC too long


NEW YORK “Walking is Running (…) Times Square? No, thank you. (…) And last but not least you can’t imagine living anywhere else”. Here some signs that indicate you are an authentic New Yorker. This video, which will make you smile, collects 13 of them. If you have something else to add or you don’t agree, let us know commenting the post. See ya! 


Based on this BuzzFeed post: 23-signs-youve-lived-in-new-york-city-too-long
Music: soundcloud.com/the-punk-league/01-the-punk-league
Featuring: Alex Rennie
Produced by Dee A. Robertson and Todd Sklar
Video Footage of car crash courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Shot on location in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY

13 signs you've lived in NYC too long - 13

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