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OXFORD This Sunday we have a guest particularly romantic and sweetly retrò. Her name is Elisa Cepale, she was born on 30th June 1983 in the Italian capital and for some years she is living in England, in the university-city most famous in the world. After collecting many inspirations, above all from her travels, in April 2012 she decides to give heed to a curious squirrel that was spinning around her for time. And so she founded her Studio and called it Curiousquirrel. I suppose now you want to know what it is… We could tell you – we know well Elisa (it’s also a CCTzen!) – but since we’re here, she’ll tell you directly!


As far as my memory goes I have always been creative, in one way or another. Just like I have always wanted to travel. When I was 4 years old I used to record made-up songs and pack my mini bag when someone would ask me to go with them! Now, I create beautiful things that hopefully will travel the world while I enjoy my great adventure in the beautiful city of Oxford! And sometimes I go back home, Rome.

I bought my first scrapbook kit in 2008, but the Idea of Curiousquirrel came in 2012 when I was confined at home due to an injury. My first cards were really basic, let’s say a bit of shambles! With time I developed new skills, bought new kits, learned techniques and started to sell! Even online, here: shop/CuriouSquirrelStudio.

Curiousquirrel is my idea of something cute, funny, romantic and creative that brings a smile to people’s faces. All my cards have a story or a theme; there are cards made with vintage lace and buttons from the ‘40s, ‘50s, there are cards for the holidays, and cards inspired by different countries and cities around the World. These are my favourites because they are souvenirs of wonderful adventures. I choose to design these postcards because everyone has a favorite place or city, it doesn’t matter whether it is halfway across the world or right where we live. When we’re in the place we love the most everything seems magic and we feel happy. This is the reason why I make my cards, because I hope that they give joy to the people who receive them.




Handmade greeting cards for all occasions:
birthday, anniversary, birth, wedding, san Valentine’s, Christmas, Easter, etc. Personalized cards with photos.

Blog: curiousquirrelstudio | Etsy: shop/CuriouSquirrelStudio
Facebook: Curiousquirrel | Pinterest: curiousquirrrel-studio

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