Liquid Dreams #9: illustration by Hyndira Borba

Nebula Dogs presents Hyndira Borba

Human Entropy

Illustration by the artist Hyndira Borba [Facebook: Hyndira Borba] – for the ninth song from the album Liquid Dreams by Nebula Dogs:


But a blue sun rises to overshadow the black and inhale the only living being on site to beyond the atmosphere.  During the long path in the vacuum, the vision of greatness in the infinity of the universe occupies its own space within his mind.  Time oscillates and new surroundings are attained – a new philosophy which enters and is absorbed in the bloodstream.


Out of the black, into the blue
Fantastic path, that I’ve been through
Another flow, another tide
Another way, another time

My journey reaches the infinity
A different taste of energy
A final chance to born again

Deep inside your endless mind
Dreams committed suicide
Fears are feeding your disguise
A human entropy of life 


ABOUT the album/project: 
Liquid Dreams: the debut album by Nebula Dogs

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