Liquid Dreams #3: illustration by Lemmmas

Nebula Dogs presents Lemmmas

Casino Underwater

Illustration by the artist Lemmmas – [Facebook: Lemmmas] – for the third song from the album Liquid Dreams by Nebula Dogs:


Thus, plastic nirvana is attained on this journey, reaching the entrance to fantastic amusement to be found at seaside.  A welcoming submerged casino is the reward for such a search.  However, the reward becomes merely compensable for a certain initial interval of false magic.  Looking to the morbid depths of the present environment, he spotted something with less body density than a human, even though it obtained the same energy, as it emitted a coherent language.  “A part of you is floating tonight.”  After this subjective entrance into his mind, he perceived that the melancholy feeling was gone – that he could dazzle from his internal impulse and roam among the marine gelatin until arriving ashore.


Take all your hopes and drag them to the shore
You don’t have to worry cause your tie won’t be wet
The ocean is telling you more
Don’t stop now, not yet

You can show yourself underwater
You can lose yourself underwater
Now you can

Deep in the icy waters of the dark
The mermaids are serving everyone a Cuban cigar
A man no longer sleeps beneath the sea
He’s no more time to think about his dreams
The sonar echoes through the silent night
A big-eyed fish has told me to look behind

A part of you is floating away tonight
A part of you is floating away tonight
A part of you is floating away tonight
There’s a new world underwater


ABOUT the album/project: 
Liquid Dreams: the debut album by Nebula Dogs

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