Liquid Dreams #6: illustration by André Lucas Paes


Nebula Dogs presents André Lucas Paes


Illustration by the artist André Lucas Paes [Site:] – for the sixth song from the album Liquid Dreams by Nebula Dogs:


The being rambles. His continuous journey between the night continues in order to find something or someone to make him feel well.  Attaining the greater part of natural alleys, there are no more artificial paradises which can capture him.


It was a cold night at the concrete island
The acid rain was painting the streets
I hear the noise of an useless machine with its metal brain

Three in the morning, the night goes deep
The streetlights are taking my sleep
I feel the smell of gasoline, overtaking me

He was a stranger living on these concrete walls
There’s no artificial paradise that could change his mind
He was an underground outsider from the south
There’s no need for ordinary paranoia when you walk around


ABOUT the album/project: 
Liquid Dreams: the debut album by Nebula Dogs