Chefchaouen, the blue medina


CHEFCHAOUEN We arrived during the night. Left the warmth of the bus, we started walking in the dark and under the rain, the only certainty was that of being just arrived in Chefchaouen (or Chaouen, in Morocco). Everything seemed hostile and fearful, the empty streets didn’t seem safe places at all, while gangs of stray dogs fueled our fantasies. We were looking for a place where to wait for the morning, but no place was open. Sometimes, being loyal to the backpackers‘ life means to “save” a few nights in the hostel; so we decided to entrust us to a humble porch. After a few hours, the first light of sunrise began to make its way through the clouds, accompanied by the sudden muezzin‘s chant that filled the air and decreed the beginning of the day in that mountain village.

Inundated with this atmosphere, we walked towards the medina. And when we came into the door of the city, a marvel appeared in front of our eyes… Everything was blue.

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