Overlapping reflections on reflective overlaps

CCTeam presents Andrea Piotto | Andrea pi8

Api8 _ SelfPortraitAndrea Piotto was born in La Spezia on 17th January 1988, on Sunday and just in time for lunch; he eats and eats again, he grows and after the Scientific high school, he moved to Genoa. Among its “narrow streets”, he studies Architecture, working in the meantime in different fields: photography, graphic design, scenography, sculpture and creative restoration of forniture’s pieces. In his backpack, some travels here and there, a lot of curiosity, a year in Lisbon and an internship at the Architecture department of Oberoy Realty, Mumbai, India.
Andrea has told and will tell about his travels here, on CCT. And he also shows them in his photography project entitled “Overlapping reflections on reflective overlays” that you can browse in our Gallery.

“This project reflects my key to understanding the world around us, as I interpret it, overlapping concepts, meanings, images of an actuality that is past-present-future, near and far, globalized but very particular. Overlays, two overlapping shots, two ideas, concepts or images welded on photographic film and then printed on brushed aluminum plates, a material that allows the photograph to actively interact with the different conditions of the light.”


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Artist: Andrea Piotto

Facebook: Andrea pi8 | Portfolio: Andrea pi8

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