Matt Weber, the taxi driver with a camera

NEW YORK From 1978 to 1990, Matt Weber drove a New York City taxi. It was during these years that he transitioned from being a taxi driver with a camera, to a photographer with a taxi, eventually taking up full-time the life of an artist. Now he never leaves the apartment without his Leica M6 (analog camera; yes, it means he scans the photos to publish them on his website) and goes on capturing moments of life, of street.


URBAN ROMANCE | “Upper West Side” 1988


URBAN ROMANCE | “Quiet Zone” 1989


URBAN ROMANCE | “Midnight Kiss” 1989


HOMELESS | “Sleeping Bear” 1990


HOMELESS | “You’ve come a long way, baby” 1990


GRAFFITI | “Crack is Wack! – Keith Haring” 1986


GRAFFITI | “Mott Street” 1989


URBAN WILD LIFE | “Pigeon Play” 1988


TWIN TOWERS | “Hoboken” 1988


“This is the picture of the world trade center which I like the most…”

OBAMA | Obama Ecstasy 2008


“This has become one of my favorite images for obvious reasons…”

HARLEM | “Easter Sunday Harlem” 1988


HARLEM | “Harlem Stoop” 1989


CONEY ISLAND | “Parachute Jump” 1987


SUBWAY | “Low High Five” 2013


SUBWAY | “Subway Gaga” 2011


“Sometimes you’re sitting on the fence. You don’t know if it’s worth it or not. The guy on the right is not a happy camper. Then he raises his hand to his face, and all of a sudden the impulse becomes too strong to ignore. It’s as involuntary as sneezing. He might object or much worse, but now the image looks so good, you no longer care about the consequences and you push the button, while hoping not to push his…”

PORTRAITS | “A Spectacle” 2004



On 2004, Sanctuary Books publishes The Urban Prisoner: the first photo collection by Matt Webber in a book. On 2013, Dan Wechsler tells the love story between the street photography by Matt Webber and his New York City, in a documentary film titled More Than The Rainbow.

MORE THAN THE RAINBOW – TRAILER from Dan Wechsler on Vimeo.


(Ex) Taxi Driver & Street Photographer: Matt Weber

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