“Magnum Contact Sheets” at the Fortress of Bard



AOSTA Almost intact from the moment of its construction, the Fortress of Bard (Forte di Bard – which gives its name to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy) represents one of the best examples of early 1800 military strongholds. The Fortress is formed of 3 main defence stations positioned at different levels upon a high imposing rock spur, the lowest at 400m above ground and the highest at 467m. The Ferdinando Opera is the defence structure at the bottom, the Vittorio Opera in the middle, and the Carlo Alberto Opera at the top. There are a total of 283 rooms in the entire fortress. On the ground floor, some areas host temporary exhibitions and here we are featuring a must-see one!


Magnum Contact Sheets is a major new touring exhibition produced by Magnum Photos in collaboration with Forte di Bard, where the show will be presented from June 21th to November 10th, 2013 before touring worldwide. The show is taking the contact sheet as the basis for an exploration into the creative process behind some of the world’s most iconic photographs from the Magnum Photos agency. In the early days of Magnum’s beginning (inception), founding member Henri Cartier-Bresson famously used contact sheets as a means of critiquing the younger members work.

This exciting new exhibition will give audiences remarkable access and insight into the decision-making processes of many of Magnum’s famous members, through the inclusion of first-person accounts. Magnum Contact Sheets sets out to illustrate the traditional role of the contact sheet within Magnum’s working archive, as the main source of reference for the picture agency’s editors. Often compared to an artist’s sketchbook, the contact sheet is the photographer’s first look at what he or she has captured; a sense of walking alongside that photographer and seeing through their eyes. With the development of digital technologies and their huge impact on photographic production, this exploration of the analogue editing process sets out to both investigate and celebrate an approach that is becoming increasingly historic; an ‘epitaph’ in the words of Martin Parr. The exhibition will reproduce work from over seventy years of visual history including the D-Day landings by Robert Capa, the 1968 Paris riots by Bruno Barbey and 9/11 by Thomas Hoepker. It will showcase iconic portraiture of political figures, actors, artists and musicians, from Che Guevara and Malcolm X and The Beatles.

Magnum Contact Sheets will present approximately 80 contact sheets together with the accompanying final image, representing the full collective of photographers including pioneers such as Henri Cartier-BressonEve ArnoldRené BurriPhilippe Halsman and Elliott Erwitt, through to modern greats such as Jim GoldbergAlec SothPaolo PellegrinTrent Parke and Steve McCurry.


Marc Riboud FRANCE. Paris. The Eiffel Tower. 1953. Zazou, the Eiffel tower’s painter.


Thomas Hoepker – USA. Brooklyn, New York. September 11, 2001.
Young people relax during their lunch break along the East River while a huge plume of smoke rises
from Lower Manhattan after the attack on the World Trade Center.


Magnum Contact Sheets
21 Giugno – 10 Novembre 2013 @ Forte di Bard, Aosta

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