Artist: Yonatan Popper

Michele Moricci

Yonatan Popper is 30 years, after finishing his studies at the Shenkar School of Art in Israel he has been working to various illustrated projects for the printed Israel’s magazines.


Futuristic Journey – Digital Illustration

Yonatan is one of the skilled artists of the project 50/70, of which we told you about a few weeks ago. The young Israel artist is multi-talented and dedicates his creativity also to short animations. His graduation project El Nakam!, is a satirical portrait of history and deliberate inspiration to his imagination and it is one of the most interesting available on Vimeo.

“My natural tendency is to approach in a humorous way to my work as an illustrator” says Yonatan Popper and adds, “My sense of irony shines through my work, and it is what most affects the observer”.


The Moment of Singularity – Digital Illustration
(Editorial realized for weekly SofShavoua by publisher book Maarriv)


Slaves – Digital Illustration
(Editorial realized for weekly SofShavoua by publisher book Maarriv)

Deeply inspired by pop culture, old comics, silkscreen, from futuristic posters and from old communist propaganda, Yonatan communicates with the bright colors and the digital ink of our times. It uses a global figurative language that draws from the vintage past to the modern life, tracing a single path that culminates in a modern profile between comics and artworks.


The Longing Sailor – Digital Illustration


Artist: Yonatan Popper

Facebook: Yonatan Popper | Flickr: Yonatan Popper | Vimeo: Yonatan Popper

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