The [Firenze] Midnight Run * 8/9 Sep.’12 – Video & Photos!!



For people who, instead of sleeping, want to live dreams…


Video Reportage by Guido Baroncelli:


Photo Reportage by Patric Alfred Haroldo:

Inua Ellams wearing the #MNRfirenze’12 T-Shirt!

MNRunners feet!

Parkour Firenze in Piazza Alberti

“freeze flash mob” in Piazza Duomo

buffet dinner @ Casa della Creatività + MEP (Movimento Emancipazione Poesia) poetry exhibition

Many Track Minds (feat. Evi Reci) gig @ Casa della Creatività

bank & river game @ Casa della Creatività

The “multimedia washing machine” by Francesco Vieri & Riccardo Onori @ Casa della Creatività

Clet Abraham & “The Peace Dove” in Piazza de’ Davanzati

…run competion! after drink @ Plaz, in Piazza dei Ciompi

meeting Guerrilla SPAM in Piazza Duomo

Guerrilla SPAM in action!

Theatre in Piazza della Repubblica


“open-air breakfast” at sunrise in Piazzale Michelangelo & greetings! Love, CCT&MNR

Click here to See the Full Gallery:


MNR @ Firenze, 8/9 Sep.’12

The Midnight Run is an urban movement conceived by the word and graphic artist Inua Ellams // alias phaze05 from London. It is a 12-hour walk (from 6 pm to 6 am) that Inua does together with 5 local artists and 30 participants. The city tour is half spontaneous, half studied and during the various breaks the artists do live performances that also involve the passers-by. For years Inua’s been doing the MNR in the United Kingdom (and since June 2012 the project is sponsored by Puma). This Firenze MNR (8/9 September 2012), organized by CCT-SeeCity for PUF! Pistoia Underground Festival 2012, is the first MNR in Italy and in Europe (outside the borders of the UK)!


  • – Clet Abraham: the street artist famous in all Europe thanks to his urban attacks on the street signs (french, he lives in Florence for years)
  • – Parkour Firenze: the first parkour association born in Florence (Giulio Aprin, founder)
  • – Many Track Minds: Leo Weber, song writer/musician + Francesco Sabatini, singer/musician (Pistoia)
  • – Patric Alfred Haroldo: CCT-photographer (Zürich-Pistoia)
  • – Guido BaroncelliCCT-videomaker (Pistoia)


  • – Guerrilla SPAM: urban art collective born in Florence.
  • – MEP: (Movimento per l’Emancipazione della Poesia) urban poetry movement born in Florence.
  • – Evi Reci: professional pop singer. Born in Albany, grown up in Athene, she’s now living and studying in Florence.

Special Surprise *

  • – Riccardo Onori (famous musician and Jovanotti’s guitarist!) and the photographer Francesco Vieri (“uforoblog” project creator), both from Prato; for this florentine eventour, together they have created a “visual-musical” installation… the “multimedia washing machine”!


  • – Il Grifone: Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Pistoia city.
  • – i.OVOmonthly magazine about contemporary art and culture.
  • – Europe Direct Firenze: since 1999, it is an important info point that links the European Union with the local young people.
  • – Casa della Creatività: a space dedicated  to innovation, contemporary arts and cultural exchanges.
  • – Plaz: “full time” pub in Piazza dei Ciompi.


  1. Alessio Clicio Spinelli
  2. Alberto Conti
  3. Alice Gini
  4. Andrea Nardini
  5. Andres Miguel Pellegrino
  6. Carolina Sgrò
  7. Chiara Fabbri
  8. Claudia Cofano
  9. Dalia Kamal
  10. Elena Mazzoni
  11. Fabio Mazzoni
  12. Francesco Lascialfari
  13. Gianmarco Spinelli
  14. Giulia Brachi
  15. Giulio Aprin
  16. Juan Lemus
  17. Jonathan Ventura
  18. Laura Politi
  19. Lavinia Biancalani
  20. Leonardo Giusti
  21. Linda Bonacchi
  22. Linda Mazzoni
  23. Lorenzo Colzi
  24. Lorenzo Fontana
  25. Marco Acerbi
  26. Marco Mazzoni
  27. Margherita Trapani
  28. Stefano Scordamaglia
  29. Tommaso Caprilli

…and other people, passers-by met in the streets of Florence, who spontaneously joined the MNRunners during the MNR Tour!

The Best MNR Map…

…was drawn by the MNRunner Alberto Conti! As winner of the “MNR Map competition”, he’s got the “VAGAMOND” CCT-Shirt designed by JesùLaFrench as award! You can still draw your MNR-Map! Download it here: Firenze MNR-Map. And if you want, let’s share it on our socials (Facebook | Twitter).

A CCT-Event for PUF! 2012

Thank you everyone from the heart!



In the Midnight motto, ‘star’ can be taken literally,
or as a metaphor for art, artists, experiences
and the people in the shadow of the city,
in which case it takes on a beauty and importance:
The Midnight Run //
Cause we can’t see stars for fumes
we turn to smashed glass, believing
shards shine like constellations do.
Inua Ellams


Website: | Facebook: The Midnight Run | Twitter: @themidnightrun | Flickr: themnr



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