The Mastaba by Christo in Hyde Park – floating art at its best

Venelina Preininger

The London Mastaba in Hyde Park

The artist duo Christo Javacheff and the late Jeanne-Claude are celebrated for their ambitious sculptural works that intervene in urban and natural landscapes around the world. They temporarily alter both the physical form and visual appearances of sites. This summer, in the heart of London, the Serpentine Galleries presents a major exhibition of the artists’ work, which draws upon their use of barrels to create artworks.

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Simultaneously, Christo presents The London Mastaba in Hyde Park, a temporary floating sculpture on The Serpentine lake (until 23 September 2018).

Venelina Preininger_

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The London Mastaba consists of 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform, 20min height, 30m wide x 40m long. The interplay between the floating sculpture, sun, clouds, lake and people is unique and unforgettable.

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