Winter tale II

I love snow… I get lost yet I find myself each time I look at snowscapes. They look like a white desert only it is a frozen desert. There is something magical to me in the cold beauty of the snow world.

To me, snow transforms the world inside out, not only visually but sensually too – it changes the air, the sounds… I can hear the silence. As if snow not only covers but also erases all that seems to be for one reason or another redundant. And so, snow brings another dimension to the world. It alters the understanding for real and surreal, for visible and invisible, for tangible and intangible.

White, grey or even blueish at times snow has its own color pallet – a minimal, subtile and delicate one.

Snowscapes is a visual journey in a frozen world full of beauty. 

 Venelina Preininger_-2

Venelina Preininger_-3

Venelina Preininger_

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