GVBeestje: un gioco per i pendolari dei tram di Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM You can now play this super simple low-tech “augmented reality” game on every tram! Many little creatures were installed in all trams, changing the daily journey of commuters who can now “eat” with their eyes the passers-by from a stop to another and so watch outside the windows instead of inside their phones or tablets.

GVBeestje 002

GAME RULES > You just need to close one eye and look at the creature. Play the game by moving your head up and down. The playtime is between two stops. The main goal is to catch as many passers-by as you can. Going to work or school with the tram now is… different! 😉

GVBeestje 001

This simple yet original project – in a special collaboration with GVB (the public transport company of Amsterdam) – is a creative funny idea by Headmade“We bring in plenty of experience in turning an abstract, sometimes even philosophical idea into a visible and tangible product. Looking for interaction in line between offline and online. Such as GVBeestje, your challenging co-passenger on the road to deroutinize normality. Enjoy the ride, because it’s full of surprises.”

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