#agiftforatruestory_beauty: best nine & winner!

#agiftforatruestory_beauty project asked our community members on Instagram to share true stories about “beauty” and inspired by a detail belonging to the gift that we’ll send to the winner. On our web guidezine and Instagram (@cctseecity), we feature nine of our favourite submissions but you can check out the rest here. Thanks to everyone who joined the project!

#agiftforatruestory_beauty #bestnine

#BestNine, from top left to bottom right: @ecebsan@blue0rock@naorinmoon@themodernleper, @holayocorro, @enricapava, @photoarmin@peopleinmymind@cadudasa.

Click on the map or gallery below to READ their true stories:

*** And the #Winner is… @holayocorro ! ***

#agiftforatruestory project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by the CCTeam, on the first Monday of every month. Special editions are sponsored by brands/companies we like. For a chance to be featured on www.cct-seecity.com and win the related gift, follow @cctseecity on Instagram and look for a post announcing the latest project. 

[more info about this edition: #agiftforatruestory_beauty]

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