“Wien” – Moscaburro

CCTip by CCTzen: Elena Mazzoni Wagner



I’m leaving
Lost on the train
Heading nowhere
Nailed down to the seat
Out there I see clouds and steam merging
Hiding the past

And my knees at the thought tremble slightly

Passing on I disengaged from your shadow
Facing new ones
Through fields endlessly unraveling their shapes
Till the end of the day

No, there is no song I would write for you
Not a love song…
Not for you…
At least not here
Cause I’m homesick
Not here
Lost and lonely

Summer drags her feet along the Ring
To get some relief
In search of a whiff of the Danubian breeze
To comfort her heart

And the sound of applause from the halls
Tears the breath out of my lungs
There is nothing I can find…
Not here
Not in Wien




Wien, townscape, 1954. – Erich Lessing


“Wien” live @sofasession.

Music & Words by Simone Gelmini

Arianna Merlino: voice, glockenspiel
Michela Campaner: voice, ukulele
Simone Gelmini: voice, guitar
Mattia Mariotti: guitar

Filmed by Alessio Vasarin [frabiatofilm.com]


Site: moscaburro.com | Tumblr: moscaburro.tumblr.com | Bandcamp: moscaburro1.bandcamp.com |
YouTube: Moscaburro | Facebook: Moscaburro

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