Liquid Dreams #4: illustrazione di Leandro Pitz

By The Coast

Nebula Dogs presents Leandro Pitz

By The Coast

Illustrazione dell’artista Leandro Pitz [Site: | Facebook: Balaclava Studio] – per la quarta canzone dell’album Liquid Dreams dei Nebula Dogs:


Upon exiting the sea and his body, feeling the rain-wave connection, he focused on the superhuman beauty of the horizon and reached some of his life’s nostalgic memories which no longer returned. The past is the truth, the future is a lie. The present of a life run its course, has become aged.


I watch the rain falling down and fueling up this endless sea
By the coast I feel the wet sand covering my feet
The horizon looks so calm, just like when we were young

After the rain, feeling the same
Life has become older than young
My future is a lie


ABOUT the album/project: 
Liquid dreams: l’album di debutto dei Nebula Dogs