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Patric Alfred Haroldo

Do you want to advertise your beautiful Place/Project/Brand/Event? Tell us your story. If in harmony with our editorial line, we’ll publish and share a beautiful eternal post. NOTE: You can write in ENGLISH (or in ITALIAN). We’ll reply very soon, asap! Thank you!! :)

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Next steps:

  1. PRESS KIT | If you have a press kit or any text/photos you want we use, please send us to: If it’s too big, use Email object: your Name/Surname & ADV topic. If you don’t send us any material, we’ll take the images from your website and social media. Thanks!
  2. PRICE & PAYMENT | An ADVertorial in English or Italian costs 100€; in both languages, 150€. As soon as you pay, we’ll start working on your ADVertorial and send you an email with also – if needed – some more questions about you. How to pay? You can pay online via PayPal or with your credit card or bank account (if available), here: your ADVertorial – payment.
  3. PUBLICATION | After the payment, we’ll publish your ADVertorial according to the deadline. Your ADVertorial will be forever online and it will contain: a text (about 2.000/3.000 characters, at least); one or more photos/images; a video (if you send the link to it on your YouTube or Vimeo channels); and – of course! – all the links to your website/blog and social networks. As soon as online, we’ll send you the link, so you can share it everywhere you want!
  4. SOCIAL SHARING | As soon as online, we’ll share your ADVertorial on our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+) tagging yours, and with your #hashtag (if you have).
  5. NOTES | 1) Every post here belongs to two different categories for allowing our readers to find you through two types of search: City & Column (e.g. Milan & Style); 2) If you’ll want to change/modify something after the publication, email us: 3) If, in addition to your ADVertorial, you also would like a/an – Photo Gallery / Video / Illustration – made by CCT (to use them in the ADVertorial but also for your own use) we’ll send you our proposal about your request.


Thank you for joining us!

Love, CCTeam