PALERMO In the Sicilian capital to explore and tell the city together with the #CCTravellers2018 – we also took part in the opening days of #Manifesta12 dedicated to the press… So, before publishing and sharing the stories by the #CCTravellers who were in particular inspired by the European nomadic biennial for contemporary art, we’ll try to tell you in brief what #MANIFESTA is in its 12th edition (open until 4th November 2018). #SeeCity #Palermo2018


SEETIES The smartphone as a creative tool for visual storytelling: How do smartphones change our way of seeing, observing, capturing? Are images taken on smartphones simple snaps or art works on their own right? We have decided to learn more about this topic interviewing Rosa Roth, founder and editor-in-chief of THE SMART VIEW – an inspirational independent magazine dedicated to mobile photography.

Damien Rice - 10 Days To Barcelona

DUBLIN-BARCELONA 10 years ago, on 1st June 2008, Damien Rice embarked on a ’10 Days To Barcelona’ project. The idea was to drive from Dublin to Barcelona in his old Mini, with some friends, and write a new song each day on the journey. The songs, recordings & film footage of the project have lived on the shelf for the past 10 years. It has only recently been dusted off and prepared for a slow release, over the coming months, for the 10th Anniversary of that slow travel. Here are two versions of the first song “100 Miles Across The Room”. An acoustic version and a more produced version. Both are rough mixes and unmastered. More songs coming later… Stay tuned!


FIRENZE Durante la XXIV edizione di Artigianato & Palazzo, anche Barberino Designer Outlet ha partecipato alla festa dedicata agli artigiani e a chi ama le cose belle fatte a mano, aprendo le sue porte a questo mondo che da sempre caratterizza la nostra Italia e dimostrando come anche un Outlet possa offrire molto più di semplice shopping: shopping come occasione d’incontro e conoscenza del lavoro dietro ai prodotti in vetrina, della passione di quelle mani e menti creative che fanno la differenza. L’invito a questo particolare tour, ispirato al grande evento in città, ci ha incuriosito e così siamo andati a vedere coi nostri occhi…