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Patric Alfred Haroldo

CCT is an independent editorial participatory web platform [always under development!] made by an ever-growing creative GLOBAL COMMUNITY of writers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, artists [CCTzens] who explore the world [Seeties] and share beautiful eternal LOCAL STORIES according to their cultural interests and passions. Be our Publisher means to promote Creativity, Culture, Territory through “Sponsored Stories”.

Do you [your brand or company] want to sponsor beautiful eternal stories? Then, FILL OUT & SUBMIT this form to be our Publisher! :)

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  1. PROPOSAL | We’ll study a specific editorial project for your Brand/Company and send you our proposal by email.
  2. DEVELOPMENT | Together, with you, we’ll define every detail of this editorial project until you are very super happy and completely satisfied!
  3. PUBLICATION | After your payment, we’ll start publishing and sharing…
  4. REPORT | After the complete publication, we’ll send you a precise report.
  5. HAPPY WITH EVERYTHING?! | Let’s work together again, on a new editorial project..! :)


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