Windows in February

Every day,

through different windows

we see different things

but is the same world we live in.

Window Project 2010

is about the world we live in

and the story out of our windows,

so it’s about your story

and your window,


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idea by Valentina Furri Tedeschi

thanks to the contribution of all these people:

  1. Michele, Factory Worker – Verona, Italy
  2. Tanya Zani, Photographer – Phoenicia – The Catskills, New York, USA (website)
  3. Camillo Moranduzzo, Lawyer – Verona, Italy
  4. Georgina Reskala, Photographer – Santa Monica, USA (website)
  5. Luca Fenderico, Photographer – Andria, Italy
  6. Paolo Degli Esposti, Photojournalist – Marrakech, Morocco (website)
  7. Sabine Sepandj, Photographer – Pisa, Italy
  8. Elena Marchese, Photographer – Manchester, UK
  9. Cyril Rezé, Photographer – Saint Emilien de Blain, France (website)
  10. Alessandro Di Tecco – Verona, Italy (website)
  11. Sandra and Andreas, Tourists – Loreto, Italy
  12. Federico Padovani, Photographer – Mestre, Italy (website)
  13. Stefano Pellone, Architect – Naples, Italy (website)
  14. Lynn Miller Ruiz – Long Island, New York, USA
  15. Rachele Pavan, Architect – Zevio, Italy
  16. Michela Mosca, Teacher – Naples, Italy
  17. Zeno Cembe Ternex, Doctor – Bangkok, Thailand
  18. Iaia Zanella – Paris, France
  19. Emanuela Vigna – Verona, Italy
  20. Manu & Ale – Roatán, Honduras
  21. Yong Long – Metz, Queuleu *
  22. Elisa Cavazza, Puppeteer and Photographer – Valpolicella, Italy (website)
  23. Pierangelo Centomo – Verona, Italy
  24. Franco, Employee and Photo Enthusiast – Rome, Italy
  25. Erminio Russomando – Trieste, Italy
  26. Maria Jesús Torre Gonzalez – Mexico City, Mexico
  27. Roberto Armellini – San Frediano in Cestello Church, Florence, Italy
  28. Laura Fraccaroli, Architect – Universe

* 21/02/10 this is a drawing and not a photo because there is no possibility in prison to take pictures with a camera. so, this is a picture of a man waiting in the corridor for the guard opening his cell. He is watching the landscape through the window.

WP2010 wants to explain this day. This beautiful drawing has come through a person. We initially thought to protect his privacy, we put the name and location information as confidential. Then it happened that the person who sent the drawing wrote “my friend will be very disappointed that there’s no name. You know, in prison you can feel like nobody, just a number. And of course not, I can not watch internet from there! I’ll send him the printed page…” So the author wants to be called with his name: “Yong Long”, that means something like “Eternal Dragon” in chinese.

WHAT is “Window Project 2010”?

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Elena Mazzoni Wagner